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In Spite of Reason

a Pop ROCK OPERA Musical Drama about Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War is now available on double CD with booklet written by John Doucette and Tony Cavallo. Lincoln, Abraham, Cavallo, Doucette, Civil, War, civil war,

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illness, narrative, victory, victory celebration, celebration, ford,

fords, ford's theater, evita, proclamation, instrumentation, assassination, emancipation, lyrics A Pop Musical Drama Based on the life of Abraham

Lincoln during the Civil War by John Doucette and Tony Cavallo vailable

now on double CD music set with complete 48 page booklet UPC

#7-06336-05012-1 ----- SPARX Product #SECD50501 Selection  Index

In Spite of Reason

This independently produced CD concept album is a pop musical / drama

based on the life of President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

It is presented as a sung-through musical portrayal of the personal

trials and tribulations of one of the most well known figures in history.Although it can be called a pop rock opera,

In Spite of Reason

can also be labeled as a pop musical drama with rock overtones and intelligent lyrics that entice the mind into thought. It has been

described as listening to a cross between modern adult new age

alternative, Jesus Christ Superstar and the Beatles,

culminating into it's own unique sound. This is an album that

will appeal to those who have embraced and enjoy the diverse pop

music of the last 30 years. The intent of In Spite of Reason is not to merely recapitulate the fiddles, fifes, banjos and drums of civil

war songs, but instead, to weave a tapestry of modern music as a

soundbed to storytelling ( an art form almost completely unheard

of today ). This musical work does not attempt to be highbrowed nor rudimentary. All lyrics are sung in styles that are mildly reflective

of stage presentation, yet enjoyable by modern radio audiences.Those interested in history, as well as fans of pop musical concept albums

such as Tommy or Evita, theatre, story music and even modern musical

stage enthusiasts will find In Spite of Reason a refreshingly new presentation of this famous story. It attempts to maintain major

historical accuracy of events and even uses words and phrases actually

said by the portrayed individuals.This "Original Studio Cast",

90 minute, double CD album is accompanied with a 48 page booklet

containing all the lyrics. Reviews Reprinted with the Kind Permission

of Rock Beat International Magazine This is a pop/rock opera about

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. It was written by John Doucette

and Tony Cavallo and is sung by a variety of singers. Obviously,

translating the events of the Civil War into a musical format is

a very ambitious and difficult undertaking, but Doucette and Cavallo

pull it off quite admirably. The songs are written in the voices of

a variety of characters - Lincoln, his wife Mary, members of Lincoln's cabinet, General McClellan, a slave couple named George and Janie, and

John Wilkes Booth. This allows for the expression of a variety of

viewpoints on the events of the war. At the same time the songs fit

together very neatly into a coherent narrative. Musically, the songs are a hybrid of pop, rock and theatrical music, with primarily rock oriented

instrumentation. The work contains several outstanding songs. One of

the best is "Loss of a Child", a beautiful melancholy ballad about

the loss of the Lincoln's son, Willie, sung as a duet between Lincoln

and Mary. Equally great is "Suddenly It's Peaceful", a gorgeous ballad marking the end of the war and the calm before Lincoln's assassination,

also sung as a duet between Lincoln and Mary. Heide Lee, who sings the

part of Mary Lincoln, turns in excellent performances on both numbers.

Other highlights include another strong ballad, "Reborn", the mournful dirge, "Still got a whip", and the victory celebration,

"Long Live Abraham". In Spite of Reason succeeds admirably in offering

a musical portrayal of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Copyright 1996 Rock Beat International Reprinted with the Kind Permission of  ShowMusic Magazine Although the cover of IN SPITE of REASON (Sparx Echo Productions SECD50501; 46:25/43:04) states it is the "Original Cast Recording", there

is no evidence in it's enclosed booklet that this pop rock musical has yet been staged. John Doucette and Tony Cavallo, authors of the lyrics and music, have attempted to personalize the Civil War and subsequent events leading to the Emancipation Proclamation, primarily through President Abraham Lincoln's viewpoint. It is a lot to condense into a musical (and

may actually be more appropriate to opera). But Doucette and Cavallo

manage to keep their focus, in spite of the temptation to go epic with battle scenes, lovers parted, and other wartime cliches we've seen in movies. They even end their story as Lincoln and his wife leave for

Ford's Theatre on that fateful night, instead of taking it to a too

obvious conclusion. There are Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar influences

to be heard along the way, to be sure. However, those who like those musicals might just find things to like in this one, too. It's performed

by Doucette (as Lincoln), Cavallo (Secretary of War Edward Stanton),

Dave Marsh (the Narrator), Shawn Doyle (General McClellan), Heide Lee

(Mary Lincoln), Ekello Harrid (in the dual roles of the President's secretary and George, a slave), Tarra Cariaso (George's lover), and

Gordon Holder (John Wilkes Booth). Copyright 1995 ShowMusic CD Music

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Means Nothing If You Ain't With Me-mp3  ( 678KB  )

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